You might be reading this, asking yourself who is this person Carla Barnes, Licensed Professional Counselor? Like you, I've read bios for counselors wondering if they would get me, understand my children and family, or be the person to help me make sense of this broken world. 

For the longest I could remember, I have wanted other people to know that they did not have to hurt, there is hope, and that with the support of a counseling relationship, one could explore peace and joy in this life.

With a Bachelors Degree of Art in Psychology from Southwest Texas State University in 1999, and a Masters Degree of Science in Counseling from the University of Memphis in 2003, my education has prepared me to pursue my passion and gift of helping others. 

For 16 years, I've worked in the field of counseling with experience as a crisis, career, and professional school counselor.

So who am I really? I am a wife and mother of three, ages ranging from 11 to 20. A volunteer at my church, friend, and survivor of many of life's challenges. I am my own person, who loves nature, reading, water, football, fantasy football (I will win!), binge watching T.V., and Netflix.


I am a loving, accepting, and kind person who wants to value clients for who they are. I want to partner with you and your family to identify goals and areas of change so that all can live a fulfilling life according to their purpose. 


You and your family are invited to share your story with me in a safe, caring, and confidential environment where you are allowed the freedom to explore your own thoughts, choices, and beliefs.