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Stephanie Amundson, LPC

Hello! My name is Stephanie Amundson.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and Illinois. I am EMDR trained and am a certified trauma specialist. I work with clients with  trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse survivors, and mental health difficulties. 

As your therapist I am:

Listener: I want to hear the client’s stories in order to offer them the support they deserve.

Wounded Healer: I have troubles in my past that have led me to where I am today, and by being a therapist, I want to give back to humanity, by helping others heal from their issues, past or present.

Journey: The journey to find peace, recovery, relief, can be long and sometimes, it may seem never-ending, but I want my clients to know that I will be there with them every step of the way, to guide and support them on their treatment journey with me.


While working together, I like to let the client lead the session. Whatever clients come into session with: good news, bad news, or anything pressing: is all welcome. I like to say that providing therapy is like giving someone a house tour: we walk into this house together, check out the living room, the kitchen, the chandeliers, and then the bedrooms. Some of the rooms may be scary to enter right away, so we lock that room and come back another day. Some rooms feel cozy and comfy so we can sit and talk about things that don’t feel too deep or uncomfortable. At some point in time, we go back into those scary rooms: so, we will tip-toe inside, peek our heads in, sit down for a few minutes and talk about some scary stuff inside these rooms. All the rooms we enter together, we make progress, and I never stop holding your hand throughout this house tour, with the good, bad, and everything in between.


Outside of the office, I love watching documentaries, funny movies, and spending time with friends at coffee lounges. I love to take walks and read a good book in my down time.  When I am feeling energetic, I will go to my local martial arts school and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [BJJ].

Favorite Quotes:  “My superpower is helping others find their superpower.” - Eve Torres Gracie

Populations: Teens (15+) and Adults

Forms of Payment: BCBS (Pending), Unitedhealthcare (Pending), ComPsych (Pending), and Private Pay. 

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