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Co-Parenting Counseling 

Co-parenting sessions are child-centered meetings to build a unified relationship between parents to benefit the child/children involved. These meetings are not couples counseling. The purpose of these sessions is to build unified co-parenting skills, goals, and boundaries to attain outcomes that directly benefit the child/children.


Parenting through and after a divorce can be a tough experience when both parents are bringing bitterness and anger to their decision making when it involves their children. Research shows that negative co-parenting can negatively impact a child's socioemotional, cognitive, and language development. It can also impact child's relationship development with others. The good news is that research also shows that with positive co-parenting, children are less likely to have externalizing problem behaviors (aggression, anger, at-risk behaviors) and have better social skills. 

The Model: We keep a photo of the child/children involved in view during our sessions to ensure the focus remains on the children involved. Only child-focused discussions will occur. A few days before each session, each parent is asked to identify 2 or 3 points of discussion relating to their child/children for the upcoming session. An agreed upon Co-Parenting Plan will be developed. Co-parents will establish communication strategies in the decision making process of parenting. In this setting, both sides are able to share what is important, and a protocol is in place for the co-parenting to be the roots for the children so they can blossom and grow into healthy adults. 

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Co-Parenting is NOT:

  1. A forum to threaten, insult, or yell at the other parent

  2. A way to punish the other parent

  3. A way to change or gain custody

  4. A way to reunite with the other parent

  5. A way to gather information for legal proceedings from session or therapist

Note: If either parent threatens or begins legal proceedings during our counseling relationship, our sessions will terminate in 30 days to allow time for parents to find another co-parenting counselor.​ 


What to bring for the first session:

  • Copies of any divorce or separation documents detailing guardianship

  • A printed picture of the child/children involved

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