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Carla Barnes LPC is featured in this article that  brings attention to the identity trauma experienced by those who experince a Non Parental Event (NPE), and now called a Misatributted Parentage Event (MPE). Hope and healing is possible.





Article: Uncovering Family Secrets Through At-Home DNA Tests

As home DNA tests become more popular, the likelihood of a surprise DNA result increases. A Misattributed Parental Experience (MPE) occurs when someone finds out that the parent who raised them was not their genetic parent. MPE’s can result from surprise discovery of adoption, donor conception, switched at birth, undisclosed sexual encounters, kidnapping, and medical errors through IVF. These scenarios rocks one’s identity leading to anxiety, grief, shame, anger, and depression. There is hope! In the attached livestream, Carla Barnes LPC shares her story, referring to it as “girl with no name”, courageously navigating a surprise DNA discovery rocking her identity. Using her clinical therapist skills, she helps others heal from surprise DNA discoveries that led to identity and attachment trauma.

Video: Courageous Communication Livestream Episode 6

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