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Misattributed Parental Events (MPE) and Non-Paternal Events (NPE)

Individual Counseling

In our times, home DNA testing kits are affordable and popular. However, many do not realize that the results may bring about the awareness of a Misattributed Parental Event (MPE), or formerly known as Non-Paternity Event (NPE). Newly revealed family secrets impact family relationships, identity, and a sense of belonging. A Misattributed Parental Event can occur from the following:


  1. Undisclosed Donor Conception

  2. Late Discovery Adoption ("LDA")

  3. Undisclosed sexual relationship resulting in conception, including consensual or nonconsensual relationships

  4. Kidnapping where parental use are disguised and withheld

  5. Switched at birth

  6. Medical errors or intentional ethical violations during IVF or artificial insemination


The impact of this discovery varies depending on the individual and the circumstances that surround it. For some, feelings of betrayal, loss, trauma, and grief may follow. Support from someone who understands can guide the client to healing after the discovery. 

Using the Parental Identity Discovery approach, integrating a combination of EMDR, grief, trauma, attachment, and family systems skills to support the Non-Paternity Event, I work with my clients to assimilate the unexpected changes in their identity, mood, and family dynamics, increasing coping skills and self-actualization. 

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